Thursday, September 25, 2008

Visit to Massachusetts

This past weekend, Sawyer and I flew to Massachusetts to see my Aunt Janet and Uncle Jim while my grandmother was visiting them. We had a fun time, and were able to spend some time with my cousins Dennis, Tori, Greg, Mark, and their families. Pictures from the weekend below.

Playing with every toy in the house:

Racing with my cousin Dennis's daughter, Madison:

Dennis's youngest daughter, Cali, watched from the sidelines.

Enjoying lunch with Grammy:

Making a serious face while eating popsicles with my cousin Greg's daughter, Campbell (popsicles are serious business):

Also, because today is my Mom's birthday:


Becky said...

Awesome pictures!!

nanapapava said...

Thanks for the vacation pictures and the great "Happy Birthday, Nana"! Looks like Sawyer was having a blast in MA. And, I see he talked someone out of their beads. He does love beads!

Love, Nana

Dave said...

He's growing so quickly! And I love the bling he's sporting.

Chris S. said...

The expression in the photos where's he's eating is kinda like "hoo boy, papparazzi again?"