Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tour of Sprucewold Lodge

Last post about our trip! As I mentioned, we went to Boothbay and stayed in Sprucewold Lodge, which is an incredible log-cabin style lodge in a beautiful forest above the harbor. The building had a great classic look (the halls reminded us a little of The Shining), it was clean, the food was fantastic, and the staff was very helpful and friendly. We really had a fun time --

Here's Sawyer giving a tour of the lobby:

You'll notice the lobby features both an inside and an outside.

Also, they had funny hats in the dining area.
Which Sawyer refused to partake in.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Maine State Aquarium

While we were in Maine, we went to Boothbay Harbor to meet up with Becky's parents while they were staying there on vacation.

On Monday, we all went to visit the Maine State Aquarium. It's small, but just the right length for a toddler's attention span. Sawyer's favorite part (by far) was the 'Tidepool Touch Tank,' where a museum volunteer allows you to reach into a shallow tank and feel different animals; Sawyer wasn't gentle enough for creatures like starfish and crabs ("CAB CAB CAB!"), so we focused on more sturdy critters like oysters and clams.

Another tank had the biggest lobster ("LOPPER LOPPER LOPPER!") I've ever seen (at 23 pounds, it weighs as much as Sawyer.)

After Sawyer was good and wet from splashing in the tidepool tank, we went outside to watch the boats in the harbor. A very nice day!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Two puddles

We spent the last few days in Boothbay Harbor -- we stayed at the Sprucewold Lodge, which we enjoyed very much. I'll post more photos later (we're packing to head to the airport), but here's a quick video of Sawyer enjoying himself outside.

Monday, July 07, 2008

At camp

We've been up in Maine for the past week. Unfortunately, we've been having such a good time that we forgot to take many photos this year.

We were lucky to be joined for part of the week by our friends Dave, Carrie, and their dog Chase (click to read their report of the week). Sawyer and Chase got along well, and chewed on each other's toys. The rest of us spent our time sitting on the porch or going on frozen custard runs.

For the fourth we had lots of people around - there was swimming, play-doh time, fireworks, a campfire and of course another frozen custard run. We were glad the ginger custard was replaced with strawberry by the time we got there. Jon, Laura, Sophia, Riley and Sam joined us for the night. Laura brought amazing cookies for everyone to share (thanks, Laura!) and Sophia and Riley had an especially good time playing with Philip and Jennifer, our friends from Portland.

Can't wait to do it all again next year!