Tuesday, September 25, 2007

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Close encounter with nature

Sunday was a beautiful day, so we walked to a playground at a nearby elementary school. There is a baseball field, so Sawyer and I walked behind the backstop to check out the equipment. I opened the lid on a big metal box and out came... wasps! Sawyer was stung twice on his arm, and I was stung on my thumb.

It was scary for everyone, but Sawyer was very brave, and he was back to being himself within five minutes. A day later, his stings were just two tiny red dots.

(Photo taken at dinner time. On the menu: Veggie soup and angel hair pasta)

Friday, September 21, 2007


Edit: I've played the tape for him 5-6 times now, but I always stop it after Alan's story (there's fuzz between each segment.) I let it run a little extra this last time, and I realized my sister had also recorded a story.

When she started reading, Sawyer sat right down as if to say "here's something new!"


For Sawyer's birthday, his cousins sent him a very special gift. They read him books on video! It took a few days to fire up the old VCR, but once we got it working, Sawyer loved it.

On the video, Alan reads Life in the Jungle:

Teresa reads Good Night Hawaii:

And they both perform "Happy Birthday"!

Thanks Teresa, Alan and Aunt Becky for putting this together! Sawyer's a big fan of the show.

Thursday, September 06, 2007


Edit: It looks like graphs don't get comments! I should say that even though there are a lots of Sawyers, ours is a special little guy. Here is Sawyer inspecting Quack-Quack when Quack-Quack stopped by on his trip to North Carolina.

Today my parents forwarded me an article that mentions a little girl with the first name Sawyer.

It's true; there are other Sawyers out there (although this is the first girl I've see with the name). Namevoyager lists 'Sawyer' as the 247th most popular name for boys in 2006. As you can see in the graph to the right, there was a huge spike in the last few years, almost certainly attributed to the popularity of the character Sawyer on the show Lost.

There was a great documentary by Alan Berliner a couple years ago called "The Sweetest Sound" about names. As part of the movie, he invites a dozen other Alan Berliners to dinner to discuss knowing that there are other people in the world with your name.

This hit home the other day when I called to make a dental appointment, and the receptionist was confused for a moment because apparently I'm not the only person with my name that goes to that dentist.