Saturday, September 06, 2008

"What do you want?"

We're in the process of having our bathrooms re-tiled, so Sawyer and I spent last night and today at my parents' house (with my dad only; mom's out of town). Papa was an excellent host! Here's a photo of Sawyer helping Papa cook our breakfast.

At their house, Sawyer sleeps in a pack-and-play crib, but he's big enough to climb out of it now (which is why we switched to a big-boy bed at our house.)

When I put him down for an afternoon nap today, he wasn't tired. He was bumping around several times, so each time I heard him, I'd go upstairs to check on him. I'd open the door, and he'd do a guilty run to try to climb back in the crib -- He'd been playing with toys from the bookshelf. I'd put him in bed, and tell him to stay there. "Okay, daddy." This happened three or four times.

The last time I checked on him, I said, "I'll let you take some of these toys in bed with you. What do you want?"


So, I stayed in the room with him, on the bed next to his. He stayed in his crib :-)


Becky said...

Nana and Aunt Becky are glad that Daddy gave him company...

What recipe did Sawyer use for his breakfast?

Tim said...

Sawyer made tomatoes mixed with other tomatoes.

Chris S. said...

Excellent choice of the cast-iron!