Tuesday, November 03, 2009

First day of school

Sawyer's first day at his new school was yesterday. He was pretty proud to walk in the door with his backpack. Everything went great!


Sawyer was Batman for Halloween.

Grandma and Grandpa took him trick-or-treating and he got a huge haul.

Fall chores with Nana & Papa redux

Just like last year, Papa put Sawyer to work doing some of the fall chores.

And, again like last year, he got to play in the leaves when he was done.


Sawyer had his third birthday at the end of August.

We had some friends and family over to my parents' house. Becky made a great robot cake.

It was a good time :-)

Backyard camping

I was going to take Sawyer camping at a nearby lake, but it was pouring rain. So we changed our plans -- Sawyer watched me get soaked while I set up tents in my parents' backyard instead.

Becky says this story is too gooshie, but it was cute when it happened: I said "I love you, Sawyer." as I was zipping him into his tent for the night, and he said something he rarely does: "I love you too, Daddy." That made getting all wet worth it.

We took these photos the next day, which was beautiful and totally dry (of course).