Monday, May 19, 2008


Becky bought a bike trailer a couple weeks ago through Craigslist. It was an easy transaction, and we feel like we got a good deal. It sat in the closet because we needed bike helmets for everyone, it's been rainy, etc...

Sunday afternoon, while Sawyer and I were playing outside (his favorite place), I told him we'd go inside to get the bicycle in a little while. That was a bit of a mistake because:

  1. Bicycle is one of his words, and hearing that he was going for a ride with one raised his excitement level to about 110%

  2. My bike was upstairs, the trailer was disassembled in the closet and we'd never attached the two
  3. I was supposed to be giving Becky a break, and I'd need help with all of the above

After we got Becky on board with the plan, I hauled all the equipment outside, and Becky was able to convince Sawyer to wear his helmet for the first time. When we'd try before, he was quick with an "all-done", but this time he was motivated.

At this point, Sawyer was jumping, shouting and trying to help (pump air, tighten nuts, whatever I had just finished doing.) It took a few minutes but we got the bicycle and the trailer ready. Getting them connected together was another story...

Of course, Sawyer was going crazy during this and trying to climb my bike (We said, "Daddy's bicycle, Sawyer's bicycle," which he repeated).

Eventually, we did all work together to get it assembled. We took a few slow loops in the parking lot and Sawyer enjoyed it, particularly speed bumps.

When we were done, Sawyer insisted on helping Becky push the bike back home.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sawyer's numbering system

Said in a slow monotone, with fingers up:

We're working on it.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

It was a haircut kind of day

Sawyer went out to get his hair cut the other week and we took the opportunity to document the event for posterity. At the end, Sawyer got a lollipop and some fancy spiked-up hair from the hairdresser. Enjoy the video and 5 points to anyone who spots Tim. : )

Music: Sufjan Stevens

Edit by Tim: Here's me in the video.