Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day (xmas part 3)

After we opened gifts at our house and each had a morning nap, we went over to Becky's parents for Christmas day.

Sawyer enjoyed re-arranging his Grandma's winter village (aka 'Nancyville').

We exchanged gifts (including plenty of loot for the boy). We also ate a lot of food. (Becky's favorite: her mom's cinnamon buns)

Sawyer's grandparents gave him a train/airport set, which kept all of us entertained for a big chunk of the day. Becky set it up in the living room (more complicated than you would expect), and each of us played with it at some point.

A fun day spending time with family :)

Christmas morning (xmas part 2)

Sawyer was wide awake Christmas morning at 2am. Mostly because he started coming down with a cold the night before, so he didn't sleep well, but I also think he sensed something was up.

We held out as long as we could for Becky to come downstairs, and then opened presents in our living room at about 4.

He was very excited and loved everything. We need to teach him how to pick up the pace... :)

We played for about an hour, and then I went back to bed!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve (xmas part 1)

Becky, Sawyer and I spent Christmas Eve at my parent's house (joined by my cousin James). We ate a great lasagna dinner and exchanged gifts.

Nana and Papa gave Sawyer this fantastic sled (sadly, no snow outside). Sawyer had fun dragging stuffed animals around the house in it.
He also got a tee-ball set, which was a huge hit. Sawyer couldn't wait to use it (which of course is a bad idea inside. Nana played defense to protect her dining room.)
So, even though it was cold and dark, my dad and I took him outside to practice. (He actually had a pretty good swing).
Great time with everyone :)