Sunday, April 27, 2008

Thank you, Teresa and Alan!

Dear Teresa and Alan,
Thank you very much for making another episode of Cousin TV for Sawyer! It was very thoughtful, and Sawyer loves watching you read and sing for him. He knows who you are and gets excited to see you.

Here he is watching the video at Nana and Papa's house:

Also, thank you for letting your monkey visit! The two of them have become good friends, and they are rarely apart. Here are photos of some of their recent adventures.

Sawyer and the monkey got messy one day, and had to take a bath:

Nana and the monkey played ring-around-the-rosey:
Sawyer and the monkey practiced holding an umbrella for all the rain we've been having!
Thank you again -- Sawyer loves his cousins!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Who's that?

Becky and I are working with Sawyer to learn the names of everyone in our house. We've had several conversations similar to this.

Us: Who's that? (pointing at Becky)
Sawyer: Daddy
Us: No... that's Mommy. Who's that? (pointing at me)
Sawyer: (Softer) Daddy...
Us: Yey! That's Daddy. Who are you? (pointing at Sawyer)
Sawyer: Me...

Becky says the one benefit is that when she does some bad habit in front of Sawyer, he'll say that he learned it from Daddy.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Fashion Statement

Several of the kids at Sawyer's daycare have earrings, so yesterday we took Sawyer to the mall and got his ear pierced.

You can see it a little better when you enlarge the picture.

Edit: Yes, this was a joke. I'm glad we fooled a few people for a moment.