Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tour of Sprucewold Lodge

Last post about our trip! As I mentioned, we went to Boothbay and stayed in Sprucewold Lodge, which is an incredible log-cabin style lodge in a beautiful forest above the harbor. The building had a great classic look (the halls reminded us a little of The Shining), it was clean, the food was fantastic, and the staff was very helpful and friendly. We really had a fun time --

Here's Sawyer giving a tour of the lobby:

You'll notice the lobby features both an inside and an outside.

Also, they had funny hats in the dining area.
Which Sawyer refused to partake in.


nanapapava said...

Sawyer sure likes the outsinde :)

And it looks like his fashion sense is highly developed.

That was a great video. Thanks!


Nana Nolan said...

I am enjoying the posts and my favorite movie star.
Aunt Susan

Becky said...

Inside...inside! OUTSIDE!! OUTSIDE!! That's awesome! Thanks for sharing. You can post as many pictures of your vacation as you want. I'll never tired of that!!

Nana Nolan said...

The look on Sawyer's the hat very amusing...He looks skeptical......Funny....I just noticed that.

Tim said...

It wasn't the best photo of Becky or I, but I thought Sawyer's you-guys-are-weird face was pretty funny.