Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Two puddles

We spent the last few days in Boothbay Harbor -- we stayed at the Sprucewold Lodge, which we enjoyed very much. I'll post more photos later (we're packing to head to the airport), but here's a quick video of Sawyer enjoying himself outside.


Chris S. said...

Great footage--puddles everywhere had better take heed!

Becky said...

I've always wondered what the facination with puddle jumping was! BOYS are attracted to them like maginets...oh, and Teresa, too.

Seems like Sawyer enjoyed his vacation!

nanapapava said...

Some pretty fancy footwork!!

"Feet!" "Hands!" Great lyrics, too!


Nana Nolan said...

From a long line of puddle jumpers...And improving each generation...He's the best so far!

That's what I call puddle passion.

Aunt Susan

davekozski said...

Gotta get that kid a lead role in “Flashdance 2: Splashdance”