Monday, March 24, 2008

View from the cart

Our Easter was low-key. The three of us went to church in the morning, the three of us took a nap in the afternoon, and the three of us went to the grocery store in the evening.

Here's Sawyer's commentary on the grocery store trip.

Music: Folk Implosion


Becky said...

Open, open, open!
Hey there parents, you didn't open any of the packages! Trapped goldfish!
Mine, mine, mine!

Thanks for the video!

Our Easter was low key, too. Church, beach, Cold Stone Creamery for dinner.

nanapapava said...

Becky played the video a few times for us all over the past few days. Fun shopping!

themumma said...

wow. that was such a relaxing shopping trip. ours would end up as a horror film. i think our ratios must be off, from what i could discern in your instructional video on how-to-go-grocery-shopping-properly. we usually have 3 kids, two carts and one frazzled parent. hmmm...

anyway, can that kids of yours get any cuter?! what a handsome little guy. we're looking forward to the summer -- mostly in hopes that we get to see him in person sometime soon!

xo love, your nOlan cousins

Nana Nolan said...

I looove it. What a cute little guy!! Aunt Susan

Chris S. said...

Reminded me of the video for Fake Plastic Trees--only Sawyer is both more appealing & intelligible than Thom Yorke!