Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Sawyer's Favorite Words, Part 1

We're back!

And, Sawyer loves pizza.


nanapapava said...

Wooh Hoo!!!
Nana can't figure out how to make the sound come on (Papa has been in Italy & France all week)but the video picture is priceless!!
Let's hear it for the Italians!
(Hey, Sawyer, wait until you try gelato....if you think pizza is good, you won't believe it!)

Becky said...

Teresa and Alan love Zeeza, too!

Thanks for sharing!

Nana Nolan said...

Yay!!! My new favorite movie star! More movies!More movies! More movies!More movies! More movies!

Love, Aunt Susan

Chris S. said...

Excellent taste Sawyer!