Friday, September 21, 2007


Edit: I've played the tape for him 5-6 times now, but I always stop it after Alan's story (there's fuzz between each segment.) I let it run a little extra this last time, and I realized my sister had also recorded a story.

When she started reading, Sawyer sat right down as if to say "here's something new!"


For Sawyer's birthday, his cousins sent him a very special gift. They read him books on video! It took a few days to fire up the old VCR, but once we got it working, Sawyer loved it.

On the video, Alan reads Life in the Jungle:

Teresa reads Good Night Hawaii:

And they both perform "Happy Birthday"!

Thanks Teresa, Alan and Aunt Becky for putting this together! Sawyer's a big fan of the show.


Becky said...

I'm happy Sawyer loves it! I miss him , too. And seeing him this excited brightens my morning.

Love, Teresa

Becky said...


I hope you think it's amusing: My foot popping up in that movie while I was reading. I love you, Sawyer.


nanapapava said...

Yes, Sawyer loves his cousins!

That was so nice of you to make him that special gift, Teresa, Alan & Aunt Becky!


Chris S. said...

Very sweet!

I can almost picture Sawyer plotting with Alan & Teresa in a small room with the shades pulled while in Hawaii-- "see, I'm not allowed to watch tv yet, but if you send an adorable video on my birthday they'll have put it on," at which point he unleashes a laugh that could only be described as malevolent if it weren't so darned cute, "muahahahahahagagaa."