Monday, September 24, 2007

Close encounter with nature

Sunday was a beautiful day, so we walked to a playground at a nearby elementary school. There is a baseball field, so Sawyer and I walked behind the backstop to check out the equipment. I opened the lid on a big metal box and out came... wasps! Sawyer was stung twice on his arm, and I was stung on my thumb.

It was scary for everyone, but Sawyer was very brave, and he was back to being himself within five minutes. A day later, his stings were just two tiny red dots.

(Photo taken at dinner time. On the menu: Veggie soup and angel hair pasta)


Becky said...

OH NO! Poor baby!

I'm soooo sorry...

(who cried more? Sawyer? Mom? Dad?)

nanapapava said...

Yikes! That must have been quite the experience. Now, I do have to say, that if a person is allergic to bees it is the second episode (not the first) that will cause the reaction. So be on the lookout next time-- if there is one -- to be sure he's ok. I didn't know that when Becky got stung in Germany for the 1st time.

Tim said...

Dave: At least you know he's not allergic now.
Me: Actually, allergic reactions happen on a second exposure.
Dave: Well, now you're that much closer.

Becky said...

now THAT's what friends are for, right??!!??

Chris S. said...

Given his aplomb & quick healing, hives around the country are probably abuzz wondering if they're allergic to Sawyer now.