Tuesday, August 28, 2007

One year

Sawyer was born a year ago today. We were too distracted with other things on that day to update this blog, but my sister documented the occasion.

Today was exciting -- they threw him a party at his daycare.

They said he acted excited about it all afternoon.

We also had a small party for him over the weekend. Sawyer got his own cake.

The rest of us enjoyed a dinocake prepared by Becky.
(thanks wikiHow!)

Happy Birthday, Sawyer!


nanapapava said...

I love his new big-boy hair cut.
And, he does love a party. How about that cheesy smile :) !

Becky said...

oh, WOW! He looks like a B O Y not a BABY! Amazing...

Thank you for sharing the pictures!


Becky said...

Oh, and the cake is GREAT! I love doing shape cakes!

Alan's first cake was a red pickup truck...

Chris S. said...

happy retroactive birthday Sawyer! Many happy returns!

I haven't seen somebody get that happy with a cake since the last time I had cake & a mirror.