Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Frequent Flier

We're back from Hawaii, and we were home long enough for Becky, Sawyer and I to pack for a short trip to Maine for the weekend before the 4th of July.

Right now we're in the terminal for the flight home. Sawyer is enjoying a snack of mushy peas. This will be his 10th ride on an airplane (if you count layovers). The gate attendent just told us we should sign him up for frequent flier miles.

Sawyer is a very good traveler, too -- on this trip, he was just a little squirmy on Becky's lap, but easy overall. On the way back and forth to Hawaii, he barely fussed at all.

Here's Sawyer on the plane to San Francisco (on our way to Hawaii). The woman seated next to my parents thought he was so cute, she had to snap a few (dozen) photos. They turned out fantasic, and she was kind enough to email them to us this week. (thanks Maggie!)


Becky said...

AWESOME picture!!!

nanapapava said...

Sawyer, the man about town.

He really is quite exceptional on the plane. Somehow he seems to know that he has to stay within the confines of his adults' laps or his own seat. Not too hard to entertain.

Keep up the good work, Sawyer!