Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Around Honolulu

I dragged my family to the contemporary art museum in Honolulu today, which features a large outdoor garden. Sawyer enjoyed the view from his backpack.

A highlight from the museum was when we visited the L'Enfant et les Sortilges exhibit, which is a group of colorful stage decorations housed in a darkened room. My sister did a dramatic reading of the show's brochure, which contained exerpts from the opera that the decorations were made for. Teresa and Alan enjoyed searching for the characters painted on the walls as they were mentioned in the story.

Becky and I had a memorable visit to this museum in 2003 ...

(picture of becky and tim in 2003 coming soon)

so it was nice to bring Sawyer back to see it.

After the museum, we went to the nearby Punchbowl National Cemetery to put fresh cut flowers on the grave of my dad's uncle Royce, who died in 1945.

(all pictures taken by my dad.)

1 comment:

Chris S. said...

Given the expression on Sawyer's face in the 2nd photo, that must've been a very dramatic reading.

Sawyer must not be superstitious--though I guess it's dancing on a grave that gets one in trouble, not crawling on one.

Looks like a great time!