Monday, July 23, 2007

Step by step

Sawyer took a few steps last night while his Grandma and Grandpa were visiting.


nanapapava said...

Hey, Sawyer!!! You're the man!!!
All that practicing paid off!

So nice that you decided to show off your new trick to your grandparents!

Nana and Papa can't wait to see, too!

Love, Nana

Becky said...


Chris S. said...

that second picture brings to mind a certain cartoon feline...

not Felix
not pudgy enough for Heathcliffe
Tom without Jerry?
certainly not the Cat in the Hat

something about the mouth,
well, not the mouth exactly--the tongue, yeah & a certain blissful look into the distance like one who frolics among the dandelions & fraternizes with penguins...