Friday, June 06, 2008

Political Involvement

Sawyer has not yet given his endorsement to a presidential candidate. However, I went to an Obama rally in Virginia yesterday and dragged Sawyer along because I thought he might enjoy seeing the crowds.

I picked him up from daycare (mid-nap!) at 1:30 and got to the venue at 2 for an event that was scheduled to start at 6. (There were predictions that 50k people might show up, and I wanted to make sure we could sit in the shade.) Because we arrived early, we were lucky to get box seating, which gave us plenty of room to move around.

It was a long and hot day, but Sawyer had a fun time clapping and cheering for the different speakers and musicians. He did a good job sitting and listening, but by the end, he ran out of steam. I had promised him we would leave if he got too tired or hot, so we stayed for about 15 minutes of Obama's speech and headed for the car.

Because we left early, we didn't have any problems with traffic. Still, Sawyer fell asleep before we left the parking lot.


nanapapava said...

Ahh...a SuperDelegate in the making. Or, are we seeing the front running Presidential candidate in 2044???


Becky said...

Awesome! Love the mirror shot.

Didn't Sophia and Riley love listening to speakers at a rally, also?

Tim said...

I don't remember hearing that story about Riley and Sophia. I'll have to ask them when I see them next month.

As for Sawyer's run for office, we'll have to form an exploratory committee. Watch this space in 2044!

nanapapava said...

You'll have to ask Laura, but I think it might have been the speakers at a holiday parade (Memorial Day, 4th of July,etc.) And, yes, they were mesmerized.

Yesterday was HOT! Sawyer looks like he did a remarkable job of hanging in....
And I, too, love the mirror shot!

Nana Nolan said...

Tim....The photo in the rear view mirror is FABULOUS....I think you should submit it to a contest....FABULOUS...Wow!!!!!!!!!!
Aunt Susan

Chris S. said...

I'd heard Obama was attracting the youth vote, but looks like he's got the extremely youth (& active) vote locked up. Neat pics.