Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Over Memorial Day weekend, Becky and I went to New York to visit our friends Dave and Carrie. Sawyer stayed behind, and spent half the weekend with Nana and Papa, and the other half with Grandma and Grandpa. Everyone enjoyed their vacations!

Here are some highlights! Sawyer with Nana at Frying Pan Park:
Grandpa playing lifeguard:
Me canoing with Dave. If I look a little rough, it's because the night before was the coldest I've ever been! (camping tip: remember to pack a sleeping bag.)

Here's Dave's report on the weekend.


nanapapava said...

Thanks for the photos. It was a fun weekend. Liked Dave's pictures, too.


Chris S. said...

Out of the frying pan & into the washtub!

Nana Nolan said...

Glad you got away....Bet the grandparents were happy as can be :) Aunt Susan