Thursday, November 23, 2006

Take 'er easy there, Pilgrim.

We spent Thanksgiving at Becky's parents' house.

Sawyer kept everyone entertained with his pilgrim impression.


Becky said...




You guys CRACK ME UP! Too cute...

themumma said...

ah, too darn cute.
who's the clever one?

but do that next year and watch sawyer shred that little outfit to pieces. (that's the beauty of itty bitty babies. you can do lots of fun stuff to them -- i mean, with them -- and they don't care.) can't imagine what you have in store for christmas.(:

sammy is looking forward to showing sawyer all about being a big boy tomorrow night. that is, if sammy can stay awake long enough.

can't wait to meet your little man!

xo all the nolans

NanaPapaVA said...

Well, that's the cutest pilgrim ever!