Wednesday, January 07, 2009


This may be a surprise to anyone who knows our bunny situation: Grant and Bamboo have been sharing a cage for the past few days.

When Becky was in college, she bought a bunny, Tommy, and later she bought him a friend, Grant. They were best buds for a long time until Tommy died a few years ago. Grant was lonely, so we bought him another bunny (Bamboo). Bamboo and Grant didn't get along at all. So for years we've had an upstairs and downstairs bunny (which has been problematic for many reasons).

Well, they're older (Grant is 10, Bamboo's about 5) and each has been lonely on their own, so we thought we'd try again. Neither bunny looks at ease in the cage, but there's no blood. Good sign!


nanapapava said...

Wow! I sure hope it works out! I think thye could be happy together!


Becky said...

I hope it works out for both of them!!

Dave said...

Good idea. It's sad to think of big ol' grantleigh all by himself. Not so much bamboo though. She bit me.