Sunday, October 07, 2007


Sawyer went in a canoe this weekend while we were visiting our friends Dave and Carrie in Rochester, NY.

We did other stuff, too, including the National Museum of Play. Thanks for showing us a good time, Dave and Carrie!


Becky said...

SO cute!!

I can just here him thinking "WOW! I wonder what's in there!!

Aunt Becky

PS: Nana's first comment: he's wearing a lifejacket, right? ;)

Chris S. said...

Very nifty. Looks like he has his sea legs already.

Here's what I imagine Tim said immediately before the first photo was taken--

"The good news is you get to take a ten minute break from rowing, Sawyer."

& just after--

"The bad news is that when the ten minutes are up Daddy wants to go water skiing."

nanapapava said...

Sawyer is the most adorable canoe-er ever! And your second picture really captures the sense of wonder as Sawyer explores his world. I agree with Aunt Becky -- SO cute!
Love, Nana