Sunday, February 11, 2007

Helmet Head v2.0

We're halfway through treatment and Sawyer's helmet is finally decorated. Paint didn't adhere very well to the slick surface, so we went with a tissue-paper decoupage instead - oolala!


NanaPapaVA said...

Love the "Helmet Head v2.0" pics...Sawyer is looking better each day.

Love, Nana & Papa

themumma said...

very nice helmet.
looks like sawyer's cheeks are filling in and getting baby-plump beautiful. what a cutie pie!
love from nOlanhouse

Becky said...

Very, very cool!

We LOVE it!!

Chris S. said...

Nifty--great colors. A helmet like that could easily inspire Sawyer to start a mini roller-derby league at his daycare.