Sunday, October 22, 2006

Take that!

Sometimes festive, sometimes feisty. . . Sawyer is a baby of many moods.


NanaPapaVA said...


We had such a great time seeing you over the weekend.


Becky said...

Too cute, as usual!!

Chris S. said...

Sawyer Ali--
floats like a butterfly
& stings like a baby

NanaPapaVA said...

Oh, Chris...I like to check the blog comments to see what you have written. The way you see and say things always brings a smile to my face :)

Chris S. said...

Hi Nana,

thanks--I think my comments are goofy, but am glad they're enjoyable.

It's fun to be able to keep up with a little bit of Sawyer's life through the blog. Makes me wonder what Sawyer will think if he reads the blog five or six years from now.

I'm looking forward to meeting him in the flesh come January.