Thursday, September 21, 2006


I'd say Sawyer's sleep schedule is pretty close to ours. He's (mostly) awake during the day and (mostly) asleep at night. I hope he continues to keep his nights and days straight.


NanaPapaVA said...

Hey -- Karen & Karl....if you are reading this, don't you think that Sawyer looks a bit like Colin at this age?!?
Aunt Cathy/Nana

PS, about the day/night thing....who knows....Sawyer is in charge.

Becky said...

He is so darn CUTE! I think this is my favorite picture yet.

Chris S. said...

what with the striped shirt & crib bars, it looks like Sawyer is blending right into his environment

Chris S. said...

er, you know, chameleonlike, not criminallike